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4th Annual Golf Outing: A Brief Recap

Peyton should be 6 1/2 now. He should be out riding his bike, getting ready for first grade, making new friends and learning what sports and other activities he likes. Instead, he's not here. The idea of a 3-year-old dying from cancer is still too much for me to handle. The idea of MY 3-year-old dying from cancer...well, I will spend the rest of my life feeling moments of shock from this and searching for ways to cope.

Peyton's Promise has provided a way for us to honor Peyton while helping others. Our annual golf outing has become everything we hoped it would and more.

Our 4th Annual Golf Outing was nothing short of amazing. Thirty one teams participated in what started out as a beautiful day. Around 2pm, the weather wasn't looking good as clouds and heavy winds rolled in. The radar showed thunderstorms for several hours. Then suddenly, the clouds parted and the storm went around the golf course. We heard accounts of heavy rain and storms from all directions, but the golf course was spared all but a few sprinkles. In my mind, this is a miracle that I believe could only have one explanation. Thanks, Peyton!

While we don't have all of the expenses paid and totals tallied, we are certain that this year's outing was a success. We announced at the outing that we have been working with the Hope in Healing Program to start an app for bereaved families. This app will allow families all over the country to access grief support on demand. Research tells us that this type of support is not currently available, and we feel strongly it will benefit many families. We will provide updates as things develop, but we are very excited to be able to reach a much larger audience of families in need.

We are always overwhelmed at this time of year at the amount of support and generosity so many people provide. I don't know how to express our gratitude in words and feel I fall short every year. Please know that every person who contributes makes a huge impact - not only for the families in need, but for our own hearts and healing.

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