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Logo Explanation

If you’re new around here, you might be asking about the Peyton’s Promise logo. I’m glad you’re thinking about it, because it’s extremely important to this organization. Let’s take it step by step and explain how it got its shape and color.

Peyton’s Promise was created in honor of our late son, Peyton Belling. Peyton’s favorite color was orange and he never let anyone forget it, so it it was only natural for the logo color to be orange as well. Orange is also the national color for leukemia awareness. Peyton also loved butterflies, there was no question that our logo had to incorporate that. The butterfly shape is formed by our family. The five circles that create the butterfly represent members of our family, while the outer circle represents Peyton surrounding us and always watching and protecting us. Eric, Molly, Emma, Jacob and Riley overlap to display how family means so much to us.

Peyton’s Promise is currently doing well and gaining more and more attention everyday by the loving and supportive communities around us. It’s important that even though we are expanding and doing good for the families, we don’t forget why. It’s because of Peyton and it will alway be because of Peyton. We are so blessed to start Peyton’s Promise and we can’t wait to continue his legacy and personality as we keep growing in central Indiana.

Although we miss Peyton everyday and it’s never easy, we love to have the support from our friends and family to support others in the same situations.

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