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Without Peyton’s Promise

I know it sounds strange, but think about it. What would happen if Peyton’s Promise Inc. never existed? Think about how many families would be sick with grief and without the help of free counseling and therapy. Think about the lives Peyton’s Promise has touched, and maybe even your own. This has become such a great way for us to continue giving back to our son, Peyton, and bringing the community together for such an endearing cause.

Since Peyton’s Promise began in 2015, we have had many successful fundraising events, including our Golf Outing. In 2015, we exceeded our original goal and raised a total of $11,000. Just a reminder, we donated all of the money to the Memory Box program at Riley Hospital. This allows families to receive their one-of-a-kind hand mold in a special box for safe keepings. That brings us to Second annual Golf Outing where we raised a total of $15,000 but this time, we donated the money to Hope in Healing Program at Riley Hospital. Because of your generous donations and support, families can now go to counseling and therapy for help and not feel the burden of paying for it on top of their other hospital bills.

Basically, I just wanted to reach out with this blog post to remind you of the impact you’re making on the city of Indianapolis and hopefully soon, the state of Indiana. Just because sometimes change isn’t noticeable right away, don’t be discouraged because you’re making a lasting impact in the name of Peyton Belling. It’s the butterfly effect, a small change made at one time can cause unbelievably large changes later on. Even though Peyton is gone, he will forever remain in our hearts, and hopefully in yours. So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With much gratitude & love,

Peyton’s Promise Inc.

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